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The Manchines are a race of diminutive humanoids native to Etheria. Their bodies appear to be mostly mechanical, though the name of their species and their tendency to use gendered pronouns when referring to each other imply that they are partially organic. The Manchines live near and are enemies of the Monstroids, who they must fight or avoid to survive.

The Manchines made their first and only appearance in He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special. When Orko, Miguel, and Alisha were imprisoned by the Monstroids, a Manchine named Cutter broke them out of their cell by cutting through the bars. He then called his cousin Zipper to drive them to safety, but they soon found themselves surrounded. When He-Man and She-Ra arrived to deal with the Monstroids, the Manchines helped them in their fight.

Notable Manchines[]