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"Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde!" is a minicomic from the Masters of the Universe toy line. It was included with the Mantenna action figure.


Heroic Warriors
Buzz-Off, Moss Man, Mekaneck, King Randor, Orko, Roboto, Prince Adam/He-Man, Man-E-Faces, Fisto, Man-At-Arms, Ram Man, Teela, Zoar, Cringer
Evil Warriors (cameos mistakenly portrayed as Horde members)
Clawful, Jitsu
Evil Horde
Hordak, Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna


Buzz-Off, Moss Man and Mekaneck report to King Randor that there's no water, the Vine Jungle has gone berserk and there's a raging fire burning at the edge of the kingdom, signs about an incoming evil force. Suddenly, the palace is shaken by violent tremors caused by a hovercraft. After Orko and Roboto see the hovercraft leave, Orko decides to seek for Prince Adam. Orko finds Adam has left in the Dragon Walker, leaving his Power Sword behind.

Meanwhile, the hovercraft lands where Hordak, Grizzlor and Leech are awaiting. The pilot is revealed to be Mantenna, who has been spying Eternia and reports He-Man is nowhere to be found.

Prince Adam, in the Dragon Walker, is drawn to the depths of the Vine Jungle by a sinister force. There, he finds the Fright Zone and is captured by the Evil Horde. Grizzlor and Leech want to eat Adam, but Mantenna stops them because Hordak wants him as a hostage. The Evil Horde attacks the Royal Palace and are opposed by the Heroic Warriors until Hordak reveals he has Adam hostage.

Orko arrives to Fright Zone and hands the sword to Adam, who transforms into He-Man, gets teleported to the Royal Palace and reveals Adam is safe. The Heroic Warriors defeat the Evil Horde and He-Man uses the Power Sword to teleport Hordak to his own cell. Everybody hails He-Man, but he gives the credit to the Heroic Warriors' teamwork and Orko's courage.


  • Despite Mantenna's prominence in the title and cover, he is mostly a background character and has just brief moments of prominence.
  • Zoar is used as his original portrayal of a male fighting falcon.
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