Mara is a character from The New Adventures of He-Man.

The New Adventures of He-Man

She is Master Sebrian's assistant, and after He-Man arrives to Primus, she suspects Adam, Master Sebrian's alleged nephew who arrived shortly after, to be He-Man. Her suspicions grow when Adam expresses ignorance about Primus customs, and by the fact of never seeing Adam and He-Man together.

Mara seems to have a crush on He-Man, and gets jealous when Teela briefly arrives to Primus to help He-Man with his homesickness.

Later in the series, Mara is sent to planet Nekron to help the Mytes, and there she gets the hatred of Crita, who was at Nekron assisting the Gleanons against the Mytes.

Near the end of The Final Invasion after the Mutants are defeated and Flogg surrenders his forces, Skeletor transports himself, Crita, He-Man and Mara to the ancient ruins of the Oasis on Primus and challenges He-Man to their final battle. While Skeletor battles He-Man, Crita faces off against Mara. At the end, the final victory is more Mara's than He-Man's: Crita accidentally pulls down a huge stone pillar, but before it falls on top of her, Mara pulls her out of the way and throws her into Skeletor. Skeletor is caught off guard and Mara throws Crita into him, knocking the two off a cliff ledge and into a shuttle pod. He-Man is able to take Skeletor's staff after their battle and uses his power sword to trap Skeletor and Crita within the shuttle pod and exile them into space.

Alternate Outfits

She has the purple dress in the original outfit appearance., in the late series she has the battle suit with the blue and socks with yellow and she wears those shoes.


  • "He-Man, this is Etor."
  • "ATTACK! Freedom for the mytes!"
  • "More than a match Crita!"
  • "Anytime, any place!"
  • "I will handle the gleanons. Don't forget i'm a Galactic Guardian too!"
  • "Hello, Crita! Here's looking at you kid!"
  • "Yes Crita! That is the difference between you and me!"
  • "This is Mara, get me Vice-President Etor immediately!"



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