Masque is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Masque is a mysterious being apparently in the service of Shokoti. When the House of Darkness began to intermittently emerge from the Sands of Time, Masque worked to keep others from investigating the ancient tomb. When Melaktha led an archaeological team to find the House of Darkness, Masque created a diversion by attacking a fortress in the desert with Trap Jaw and disguised himself as a local guide named "Racca" so he could lure them into an ambush by the Reptile Men.

Masque succeeded in raising the House of Darkness, but was defeated soon after when Orko managed to pull the "demon mask" from his face, allowing He-Man to cut it in half with the Power Sword. With the mask destroyed, Masque was reduced to billowing smoke and a pile of clothes. Melaktha observed that Masque seemed to be more of an "evil shadow" than a real person.



  • Lord Masque was designed by storyboard artist Don Manuel.
  • Masque was released as an action figure by Mattycollector in 2016.


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