Micah of Bright Moon is the 46th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Plot Summary

In outer space, a Horde Squadron chases an escaping spaceship under Horde Prime orders. The ship is piloted by Micah, King of Bright Moon and Queen Angella husband. When Micah successfully evades the pursuing crafts, Horde Prime lets him go, Choosing to task Hordak with his arrest when he lands in Etheria.

She-Ra rescues Glimmer from a deep gorge after she falls from a edge of a cliff while daydreaming, and takes her to Bright Moon, Where Queen Angella announces it is twenty years to the day since she and Micah were married. They are interrupted by a bright light in the sky: an aircraft plummeting towards the ground. Hordak tracks the craft every move and send Tung Lashor to capture him just as  the ship comes down near Talon Mountain. As Micah exits the wreckage, he is taken captive by two harpies and delivered to Hunga, who has her own idea's for him.

At Bright Moon, She-Ra, Glimmer, and Queen Angella recieve a message from Hunga. She reveals that she has Micah as a prisoner and will trade him for Angella. Mistrusting the Harpy leader but having no other option, Angella agrees and leaves a crying Glimmer in She-Ra care. As Micah is put in chains in Talon Mountain, Queen Angella gives herself up and see's Micah for the first time in years. Going back on her word, Hunga imprison Queen Angella as Tung Lashor's patrol approaches. Hunga takes on the Horde villains and his Bat-Meks, allowing easy access to the mountain for She-Ra and Glimmer.

With Tung Lashor's air patrol grounded, Hunga finds the rebels released her captives and are escaping. Queen Angella challenges Hunga to a battle in the sky and is victorious, allowing She-Ra to dispose of Hunga in the wreckage with Tung Lashor. Back at Castle Bright Moon, King Micah announces his visit will be short, as he must serve his people outside of their kingdom, helping them whenever he can. Queen Angella and Glimmer are upset but understand and admire the courage of the king, who promises to return for good when the horde have been defeated.


Loo-Kee: "Hi! Here's Loo-Kee again! Did you find where I was hiding? If not, look for me now. See me here? Here I am! In today's story, we saw Micah reunited with his family. You know, sometimes we don't realize how important our families are to us. When was the last time you told your parents and brothers and sisters how much you loved them? Why not do it now? Okay? Bye now!"

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