Morgoth is a character from the Filmation series.

Character history

The sorcerer called Morgoth the Terrible walked Eternia during the time of the Ancients. According to the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, he “sought to rule Eternia, and the universe itself". He sought more power than any mortal should. He became a giant—immortal—with terrible powers. Just in time, the Ancients cast him into a "prison zone” in another dimension.

Some time later, Morgoth managed to return to Eternia, now the size of an average human, where he set into motion a chain of events that would forever alter the future of the planet. He made his way to the village of Nowella, near Dark Mountain, where he caught the attention of a scout force for an evil force terrorizing countless worlds: The Horde!

With the help of his new Horde allies Ferros, Rackney, and Repta, Morgoth began his march of conquest with Nowella. What none of the villains new was that one of the villagers, a young woman named Teela’Na, would not stand idly by while the lives of her people were made miserable. She escaped from beneath their very noses, and made her way to Castle Grayskull, where she became the new Sorceress.

Shortly thereafter, the Sorceress banished the Horde scout force, only to be confronted by Morgoth himself. Whether by luck, or simply because be too underestimated the abilities of the young woman, Morgoth was defeated by the Sorceress and cast back into his prison dimension.

At least sixteen years later (and possibly longer as the Sorceress’ age remains a mystery), Morgoth tried once more to return, stronger than before. The first sign was a wheel of fire, which appeared first over the Palace of Eternia and then later over Dark Mountain. Thankfully, the Sorceress, He-Man, and Stridor were there to keep him at bay.

Morgoth had created a large gem, which the Sorceress sensed was his connection to the realm. The evil wizard, determined to return once and for all, created a powerful barrier around the crystal, which no living being could penetrate. However, while the Sorceress and He-Man distracted him, Stridor managed to cross through the energy field and cast the gem out. An infuriated Morgoth launched a vicious attack against Stridor, who was nearly destroyed, but stopped short as He-Man managed to crush the gem. With its demolition, the evil sorcerer was cast back into his prison once and for all.

Morgoth’s stronghold seemed to be upon Dark Mountain, where creatures called Night Walkers hungrily awaited their master’s return. He was known to be able to create bolts of lightning to attack his opponents.


  • Morgoth shares his name with the primary antagonist of J. R. R. Tolkien's posthumously published Silmarillion. Whether this was intentional or not is unclear.
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