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Mosquitor is a fictional character in Mattel's Masters of the Universe toyline, one of the best-selling toylines of the 1980s.

Character history[]

He is a member of the Evil Horde, he was packaged as the "evil energy-draining insectoid." He is a cyborg creature with a long, pointed metal head, with a needle on the end of the nose-piece which he injects into his opponents to drain the blood from them. He has a transparent metallic chest through which the blood of his opponent can be seen, filling him up to charge him with energy.



The mini-comic "Enter: Buzz-Saw Hordak!" The comic reveals him as a new minion of Hordak, and his main function in the story is draining the energy of the Sorceress, enabling Hordak to create a fake, holographic Sorceress from her life force. At a later stage in the story, he is set upon He-Man, and almost overpowers him. The comic also hints at a tension between himself and Dragstor; after serving as a test object for Mosquitor's ability, Dragstor clearly resents Mosquitor's great power and his value to Hordak.

Mosquitor also appears in the MotU Marvel Comics, where he is able to fly and shoot beams from the needle of his nose-piece.

Masters of the Universe Revelation[]

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Mosquitor briefly appears in flashback sequences in the Dark Horse Comics comic book series that serves as a prequel to Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Netflix series[]

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The 2021 incarnation of Mosquitor appears as a bandit named Mo'squita'ra. She joins the Heroic Warriors led by Stratos.


Mosquitor was introduced into the MotU toy line in 1987.[1] He was one of the final figures to be released before the toy line's demise, and as a result is one of the rarest. The action figure's special feature is a switch on its back, which when pressed caused his chest to flow with blood.

Given that he was released so late into the toyline's run, Mosquitor's exposure was minimal throughout the various story media and he never made an animated appearance.

The action figure first released by Mattel in 1987 is a very rare and sought after collectors item today. Its rare existence can be attributed to being released very late into the toy series original run. The mint condition (known as MOC / Mint on Card) version of this figure can fetch high dollars on auction sites such as eBay.

Despite having no other role in the 2002 relaunch, Mosquitor was released as a six-inch statue released by NECA.[2]