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Motherboard was a new evil faction that first appeared in Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


Once magic had all but left Eternia and both Skeletor and He-Man were thought to be dead, Tri-Klops took advantage of the situation by condemming magic alltogether and became a leader in the cult of Motherboard. Ironically, Tri-Klops used one of the few remaining magic items left on the planet to perform the ritual miracles of Motherboard. During this ceremony, Tri-Klops would catch electronic looking water that sprang from a large altar inside Snake Mountain in a magic goblet and force his followers to drink it. By doing so, they would instantly transform into cyborgs, with various limbs being replaced by mechanical weapons.

Trap Jaw and Whiplash both joined Motherboard and received mechanical enhancements (in the case of Trap Jaw, further enhancements). They were also joined by the robotic Blast-Attak.

When the two mercenaries Teela and Andra were hired by an old lady who called herself Majestra to steal the magic goblet, they entered Snake Mountain and infiltrated the Motherboard ceremony dressed in pilgrim robes. After watching a pilgrim receive the mechanical blessing, Teela revealed herself, to distract the cultists from Andra as she moved towards the goblet.

The skirmish ended with Blast Attak unable to stop himself from exploding, allowing the two warrior women to leave the throne room. The explosion knocked out Whiplash, but Tri-Klops ordered the Doomseekers and even more cultists to go after the women.[1]

Despite the loss of the goblet, Tri-Klops continued his quest to destroy as many of the remaining magical items on the planet as possible. Driving a Roton, he travelled to the remnant of a magic fountain where many peasants stood in line to catch a few drops of the remaining magic water. Accompanied by many of his cult followers as well as Trap Jaw driving a vehicle equiped with a large crystal powered cannon, Tri-Klops ordered the destruction of the fountain.

Duncan, the former Man-At-Arms, was one of the peasants at the fountain, and began to fight the Motherboard cult. He was soon joined by three more arrivals, Teela, Andra and Evil-Lyn, who used her magic staff to blast Tri-Klops off his vehicle. One of the cultists used electronic cables to grab the heroic warrios, and when Tri-Klops walked up to Evil-Lyn and told her it was time for her to merge with Motherboard, the feral Beast Man arrived out of nowhere, feed the women and grabbed Tri-Klops by the neck. Although Tri-Klops claimed he had no quarrel with Beast Man, the Savage Henchman had sworn to protect Evil-Lyn and told Tri-Klops to leave or be killed. Tri-Klops chose the first option and retreated.[2]

The next target of the members of Motherboard was Castle Grayskull, which, bereft of magic had regained it's original form of the Hall of Wisdom. This time Tri-Klops ordered a fleet of Rotons to attack again and again, but Teela had forseen that Grayskull would be attacked and had asked Man-At-Arms to defend it. Duncan managed to stave off varous attacks until Teela and her companions returned from their trips to Subternia and Preternia, carrying the two halves of the lost Sword of Power as well as bringing back a resurrected Prince Adam. When Adam held aloft the sword and called upon the power of Grayskull, the Hall of Wisdom took on the visage of Castle Grayskull once more, and Tri-Klops immediately ordered his cultists to retreat.[3]

Later upon Skeletor's revival and subsequent defeat, he returns to snake mountain enraged and claiming that that he lost the power of grayskull because none of the cult members, who were once his minions, came to his aid. Tri-Klops asserts that it was Motherboard who made them remain causing Skeletor to try and destroy what he thinks is a mere idol, only for his magical blast to be negated by Motherboard who proceeds to transforms before him.

Shocked by Motherboard's appearance, seemingly recognizing her, the cultists disarm and hold him in place as she fully forms into a towering winged woman who, to his horror, begins to inject him with the same cybernetics substance used to transform her followers into cyborgs, the symbol of the Horde projecting from her as Skeletor screams.




  • The altar of the Motherboard followers features a giant representation of Screeech.




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