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Ninjor is a shinobi warrior in league with Skeletor. He wears a black veil over the head and torso, shielding the whole face, apart from the eyes, from view. The deadly martial artist is armed with a katana, bow and nunchaku. As one of the final releases in the 1980s toy line, Ninjor is among the most obscure Masters of the Universe characters.

Character history[]

Ninjor minicomics

Ninjor as he appears in the minicomics. Art by Bruce Timm

"The Search for Keldor" introduces Ninjor as one of the most evil beings in all time and space, summoned by Skeletor to thwart the efforts of the heroes. Ninjor's key abilities are revealed to be stealth and silence, a shadow warrior with the ability to launch attacks against his opponents unseen, springing upon them unexpectedly out of the shadows. His attack is foiled by Clamp Champ's super-senses, and Ninjor is subsequently beaten by He-Man.

A story that features him is "Enter the Ninjor" in issue #11 of the UK Adventure Magazine. Ninjor is paired with Scare Glow as the two mount a series of silent attacks on He-Man and Fisto as they explore Viper Tower.