No Easy Way is the 46th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Alcon and Gepple discover a new moon which has broken off from the planet Vitrian. The Galactic Guardians mount a large expedition and find the moon sprawling with dangerous plant-life.

Plot Summary

Part of the planet Vitrian broke off during violent geological activity and formed a new moon. Alcon and Gepple were very excited to witness this. The Galactic Guardians begin an historic expedition to the new moon. Artilla orders his Primus Troopers to to inspect every inch of all the Astrosubs and Bolajets on board the Colossus while the two Scientists travel aboard the Starship Eternia.

When they encounter asteroids from the explosion of Vitrian heading straight for them, Captain Hydron asks for a volunteer to pinpoint the remaining asteroids with a Astrosub after Artilla destroys the bulk of them using the Starship's microlasers. He-Man, Spinwit and Tuskador all step forward. When there appear to be too many asteroids for them to handle, the Sorceress tells He-Man to try "the other way". He uses the way of the magic to maneuvre behind the astroids so he can pick them all off.

Alcon tries to christen the new moon Alconia 01, but Gepple won't let him get away with that. They end up calling the moon Alconia-Geppleonia 01. Afger landing, Alcon concludes that the air is breatable. However, when the Troopers attempt to deboard, they cannot open the ship's hatch. Both Starships are revealed to be under attack from native plantlife. After grabbing hold of the ships, the tenticles start draining the oxygen from the vehicles.

Artilla orders 'Delta Alert' after He-Man hands Tuskador and Spinwit a helmet each. Hydron, Flipshot and the Scientists do the same. He-Man, who does not need to wear a helmet, exits the Colossus in an attempt to get rid of the vines. At first, the plants appear to be incredible strong, but as soon as He-Man uses his magic sword they instantly dry up and die.

Meanwhile, the Mutant Mothership arrives near the moon. Skeletor had predicted that they would find the Guardians already there. Flogg wants to attack immediately, but Skeletor tells him to wait until the Primans have split up. Hydron tells the Scientists to quickly take their plant sambles so they can get out of their fast. Three days later, He-Man, Gepple, Alcon and Artilla enter a cave in the final undocumented region. They find an underground lake teeming with life, as well as Skeletor and a Mutant raiding party laying in wait. The Mutants attack, but are repelled by another type of plantlife.

Back on Onnor, Master Sebrian declares that the Mutant repelling plants may be the greatest discovery in the history of Primus. The planntlife is being planted all over the Primus as a means of defence against the Mutants. Sebrian concludes that the Planetary Shield will no longer be needed, freeing the Inner Council from their consuming job. Alcon and Gepple receive the Primus Legion of Merit medal.

But after a month of peace, the plants begin attacking the people and city of Primus. Having adapted to their new environment, the plants are now reacting the same way against the humans as they did towards the Mutants. There are so many plants that even He-Man's sword won't help against them. But they soon discover that the plants are susceptible to low temperatures. The Guardians create snowstorms by releasing snowseeds culled from clouds.

Primus is saved, the plants have been destroyed and the Inner Council don't object having to return to their chambers in the Vasionic Resonator.


While flying an Astrosub. Flipshot complains about his tight fitting safety belt and loosens it, despite Hydron's objections. After Flipshot almost collides with Clawber, he quickly fastens his belt again.

Behind the Scenes

  • Throughout this story, the Primans use Earth measurements of time such as weeks and months rather than the Priman equivalent such as Telks and Dollops.

Galactic Guardians



Evil Mutants

Evil Warriors


  • Clawber (final Jetlag productions appearance) (moral only)





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