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One to Count On is the 66th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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Loo-Kee: "Hi! I'm Loo-Kee. Did you find my hiding place today? If not, try again. See me now? Here I am! You know, today Leech stole a crystal crown and got in big trouble for it. Funny thing about stealing, it usually catches up to you. And even if it doesn't, you never can feel good about yourself. See you soon."

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Behind the Scenes

  • Script was approved August 23, 1985 and final script revision took place March 26, 1986.
  • The original screenplay featured a new Twigget character called 'Sprigget' who was replaced by the more familiar Sprint. [1] This explains why Sprint's voice is slightly different in this appearance.
  • According to the script, the jeweler's name is 'Robert'.
  • The symbol printed on She-Ra's bodice is visible on a rug hanging from the wall in the jewelers shop.
  • Catra was originally scripted to be riding on Clawdeen during the scene in which Peekablue is captured.
  • This installment was released on VHS in the UK along with the episodes Return of the General and Out of the Cocoon.


  • The Laughing Swan Inn is seen in the unidentified village, meaning it could be either Thaymor or Devlan.
  • When Adora approaches Catra, Entrapta and Leech, the animation used in the opening sequence as she walks towards the camera is reused.


  • When Glimmer is pulling down Catra's tent-pole and later when she is trying to free Peekablue, her usually blue leggings are colored flesh tone.

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