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Panthor is Skeletor's evil feline companion, a giant purple panther who serves as an evil counterpart to Battle Cat. Panthor is portrayed as Skeletor's pet, being at the right of his throne. However, unlike He-Man's Battle Cat, Panthor lacks the ability to speak, and only appears in a handful of stories in the original series. While his role is similarly limited in the 2002 series, he is more prominent in the episodes in which he does appear. [1] Panthor was much larger and more vicious than his Filmation counterpart. He was also shown occasionally wearing his armor.


Panthor was released in wave 3 (1984) of the classic toyline. Panthor was identical to the Battle Cat mold (a recast of the Tarzan panther and Big Jim tiger toys), and included Battle Cat's saddle, ableit in very dark green, but not the helmet. The toy was covered with flocking to give it a soft "fur" texture.

The 2002 Panthor was released in wave 1. He was the same mold as Battle Cat with a unique head. He featured similar articulation and had the same button to make him strike. 2002 Panthor had his own unique armor with mounted missile launchers. Like his 1984 counterpart, Panthor was again flocked.

The 2011 Panthor used same mold as Battle Cat with a unique head. Unlike previous editions, 2011 Panthor was not flocked. The 2011 Panthor also included an all new helmet, The look for Panthor's new helmet was inspired by Skeletor's Havok Staff.

In 2021, the Origins line released him to coincide with Battle Cat, once again reusing the same mold in a purple color. The common release was not flocked, but a "Collector's Edition" flocked variant was released as an exclusive to Walmart. The price was severely raised from $25 to $40 USD, however.