Map of Primus as it appears in "The Seeds of Resistance"

Primus as it appears in "The End of All Fear"

Primus is the main setting of The New Adventures of He-Man. It is a planet in the Tri-Solar System and home to the Galactic Guardians, who protect the Tri-Solar system from Flogg and his Evil Mutants.

Future History of Primus

Since the events in The New Adventures of He-Man take place in the future on Primus (from the perspective of someone on the planet Eternia at the time He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (classic cartoon) takes place), it can be assumed Primus was discovered and colonized by people from Eternia. See Timeline of Eternia.

DC continuity

In Eternity War #8 "The End of All Fear", Hordak completely destroyed Primus and sent destruction to countless other worlds in his conquest of the universe.

Notable Locations

  • Guardian Sea
    • Titus: A small island in the Guardian Sea. The Trifusium Crystal that maintains Primus' atmosphere is placed in Titus' observatory.
  • Levitan: A cloud city. Flipshot's home city.
  • Mida: Eastern continent of Primus, where Nocturna comes from.
  • Opal: Western continent of Primus.
    • Olympic: An ancient city in the southern region of Opal, where Vizar comes from.
  • Serus: An underwater city. Hydron's home city.
  • Terra
    • Onnor: Kayo's home, an underground city in the Terra region.


  • Primus is also the name of a deity in the Transformers franchise, who transformed into the home world of his creations, a race of sentient machines called Transformers, who called it Cybertron or Seibertron. The Transformers' Primus was the arch-enemy of the chaos bringer Unicron.
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