Princess Rhea is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Princess Rhea of Operon is daughter of King Thales and the animated counterpart of Princess Rana. The beautiful princess has flowing red hair; she wears an outfit consisting of a white leotard with brown trim (which suggests a 1-piece bathing suit), brown boots and matching gauntlets.

Queen Balina sent Gargons to kidnap Princess Rhea so she could be held for ransom, but they failed due to He-Man's timely intervention. She was successfully captured while He-Man was being held prisoner in Targa after being hit by a falling tree and losing his memory, but He-Man and Garn became aware of Balina's ploy and confronted her. By this time, Rhea's father Thales had arrived in Targa to pay the ransom.

When Draca's magical earthquake created a flood that threatened to swallow the city, He-Man and Garn worked together to divert it. Garn became the new king of Targa for his achievement, and a grateful Princess Rhea gave He-Man a kiss on the cheek.



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