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Quakke is an action figure from the Mattel He-Man toy line and a character from the 1990 animated series The New Adventures of He-Man. In battle Quakke uses a large Mace which he slams into the ground to cause powerful earthquakes, with effects ranging from knocking an opponent over to splitting apart the ground itself.

The New Adventures of He-Man

Quakke was one of Flogg's more intelligent warriors.

Quakke was one of Flogg's top Lieutenants and a member of the Mutant Space Force. Quakke was one of the more intelligent of the Mutants, often seeking more power for himself. He posessed considerable strength, enough to hold his own in battle against He-Man. In battle, Quakke used his powerful Grabtron Meteomace to cause earthquakes to disable his opponents.

Quakke was not initially seen with the other Mutants when Skeletor (New Adventures) arrived in the future, but appeared soon after to deliver Skeletor's new pett, Grr. When Grr went missing on Moon Nordor a short time later, Quakke assisted Skeletor in tracking the mutant mutt down, the two of them discovering a strange, subterranean cavern on Nordor in the process. Quakke entered a strange chamber with Skeletor, containing the dark and powerful Nordor Crystal. Quakke was terrified, feeling the crystal pulling him towards it. He attempted to flee, but Skeletor, wishing to discover the power the crystal held, grabbed Quakke and shoved him forward. Quakke cowered as the crystal began to glow, soon transforming his, physically and mentally, into a much more powerful version of himself.

Quakke, transformed by the Crystal.

Flogg was distutbed by Quakke's loss of personality, but agreed to Skeletor's suggestion to test him in battle. Quakke was sent to attack the Galactic Guardians on Denebria, and managed to hold his own against both Hydron and Flipshot. He was only defeated by the unexpected arrival of Sagitar, who managed to overpower Quakke and force him to retreat. Soon after, the effect of the crystal wore off and Quakke reverted back to his normal self.

Quakke soon became one of Skeletor's most frequently selected henchmen. Quakke was usually partnered with Butthead, the two of them often accompanying Skeletor when he was away from the Mutant Mothership. Quakke had a good relationship with BH, who respected Quakke's intelligence. Quakke also worked independently alongside Skeletor on occasion.

Quakke took an active role during the Mutant occupation of Primus, and was sent by Skeletor to assist Hoove in tracking down the fugitive He-Man. Quakke also reported a series of Mutant victories to Flogg while he was stationed at Master Sebrian's Home. Flogg blamed Quakke for a series of rebel attacks on Mutant forces, though Skeletor defended Quakke, claiming it was not his fault and that they should have hunted He-Man down as soon as they took the planet. Quakke was later present when He-Man surrendered to Skeletor at Levitan, and stood alongside the other Mutant leaders before the Fountain of Freedom as Skeletor prepared to execute He-Man. Before Skeletor could fire a killing shot, Drissi threw herself at him, causing Skeletor to miss. Skeletor angrily shoved her aside, enraging Grot. Skeletor ordered Quakke to seize Grot, but the Primus gardener instead snapped Quakke's mace in two and tossed him aside.

Quakke leaps into battle.

Some time later, when the Mothership was trapped in an ion storm, Staghorn convinced Quakke, BH and Optikk to join him in a mutiny against Flogg. Quakke was initially reluctant to back Staghorn, but soon agreed after he was promised the position of Co-Pilot of the Mothership, and thus, second in command.

Quakke would later form part of the Mutant contingent that participated in Galactic Games, a series of competetive challenges between the Mutants and the Galactic Guardians, organised by the mysterious Royka and Molden. When the Mutants lost the games, they were imprisoned by Royak and Molden, allowing Flogg a golden oppurtunity to attack Primus with everything he had without the threat of He-Man to stop him. Quakke was ordered to immediately prepare all vehicles in the docking bay for battle. He would later accompany Flogg to the surface of Primus as he issues an ultimatum of surrender to Master Sebrian, and report that the Starship Eternia had just been picked up on radar following He-Man's escape. Shortly after this, Quakke, along with Flogg and Slush Head, was cornered by the Eternia and forced to surrender. Quakke witnessed Flogg's surrender and signing of a peace treaty with Primus, and left with the other Mutants in the Mothership, the war with Primus finally over.


The New Adventures of He-Man

Behind The Scenes

David Wolfram's concept sketch of Quakke/Earthquake.

  • Quakke was one of the most heavily featured characters in the series. With the exception of Skeletor, Flogg and Slush Head, he appeared in more episodes than any other Mutant character.
  • Like the other characters in Wave Three of the toyline, Quakke was not featured in any other tie-in media.
  • Quakke was designed by David Wolfram.
  • Quakke was marketed as Earthquake in Europe.

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