Queen's Gambit is the 58th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Skeletor launches a meteor on a collision course with Primus. Simultaneously Crita starts a large offensive against the Mytes on Necron. Because He-Man is busy with the meteor, he cannot come to the aid of Mara and the Mytes.

Plot Summary

The Evil Mutants are using Terrortreads to carve a meteor out of moon Nordor, which is equiped with rocket boosters and is shaped like a miniature version of Nordor itself, and launch it against Primus. The Galactic Guardians hurry into their Astrosubs and launch from Levitan to protect their planet. Hydron, Spinwit and He=Man follow suit in the Starship Eternia. But the Astrosub lasers have no effect on the meteor, as the moon Nordor is known to be made of the hardest rock in the galaxy.

Meanwhile, General Nifel is shocked to learn that Crita has been crowned Queen of the Gleanons in his absense. She shows him that the Gleanon army has been preparing for a ground attack under her command. A large army of Gleanon vehicles moves in to attack Sorton Space Base under Queen Crita's leadership.

Starship Eternia fires it's laser cannons at maximum effect range at the meteor, to no effect. Then Mara contacts them by viewscreen to ask for help. He-Man promises to help her somehow, as he feels certain that the power of the good and the way of the magic is able to stretch across galaxies. But Mara assures him that she will handle the Gleanon Space Force, as she's a Galactic Guardian too.

Mara leads a squadron of Myte Fighters against those of the Gleanons, only to realize they are facing mindless drones. The real army is advancing through the Plains of Mizrock towards Sorton. Crita orders her army to activate a cloaking screen. Mara realizes Crita's deception but Lieutenant Tassler is afraid that Mara is heading towards certain doom. Mara penetrates the shield and comes out on the other side. She leads a squadron of Myte Fighters back into the cloack, but Crita hits her with a glitter screen that blinds the pilots and jams their radar. Mara orders all units to land and attack on the ground.

He-Man is frustrated at not being able to be in two places at the same time. But the Sorceress appears to him and tells him that if they work together, she can guide the Nordor meteor across time and space towards Necron. She opens a tunnel in space that will take the meteor to Necron. He-Man uses his mighty sword to lead it into the tunnel. The Meteor destroys the cloaking shield and Mara and Crita face each other in one to one battle.

Mara wins, but Crita takes Tassler hostage and manages to escape. Later, Mara thanks He-Man via Vision Phone, and He-Man thanks her and the Sorceress in return.


In Levitan, He-Man teaches a group of children to say no to drugs.

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