Queen Balina is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Queen Balina is the despotic ruler of the city of Targa. Deeply paranoid, she fears that all strangers in her lands are spies from the neighboring city of Operon. He-Man was brought before her for judgment after saving Princess Rhea from her Gargons, but she did not believe that he had amnesia and ordered him to fight his fellow prisoner Garn in the arena. He regained his memory and won the battle, for which Balina offered him a position as her Captain of the Guard, but He-Man did not accept on account of the queen's cruel nature. Draca then told her that Princess Rhea had been captured, so she set the two warriors free to prevent them from discovering the truth. However, they soon became wise to Balina's deception and returned to Targa to confront her. She ordered Draca to distract them with his magic so they could flee, but he caused an earthquake that started a flood, which He-Man and Garn had to work together to divert.

Following these events, Queen Balina was deposed, and Garn was crowned king of Targa by King Thales of Operon. What became of her afterward is unknown, though she most likely was imprisoned, went into exile, or fled the city with Draca.


In the comic adaptation of the episode, her role was taken by Lodar. Ironically in his classic toy bio, it was her that release him and in return made her the ruler of Targa.


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