Relay is a character from He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special.


Relay is a Manchine puppy who came running up to Miguel and Alisha after He-Man and She-Ra destroyed the last of the Monstroids. Skeletor took advantage of the distraction and kidnapped the Earthling children while they were playing with Relay, but Hordak shot down his War-Sled as he tried to escape with them. Skeletor wanted to leave Relay to freeze in the mountains while he delivered the children to Horde Prime on foot, but the children's pleas and Relay's whining convinced him to take the puppy along. In spite of his complaints about Relay licking his face, he didn't want to let Miguel or Alisha carry the puppy. Soon after, Hordak returned with reinforcements and knocked Skeletor out by reflecting one of his shots back at him. Relay licked Skeletor's face until he recovered, at which point he destroyed the claw descending from Horde Prime's ship and rescued the children.

Miguel and Alisha brought Relay back to the Royal Palace of Eternia for a Christmas celebration. Before they went back to Earth, they left him with Adora, who said she would return him to the Manchines.



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