Rock People to the Rescue! is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with Stonedar and Rokkon. The story was written by Gayle Gilbard and the artwork was drawn by Larry Houston.


Heroic Warriors
He-Man, Orko, Stonedar, Rokkon
Evil Warriors
Kobra Khan, Webstor, Skeletor


He-Man and Orko are taking a test ride in the Jet Sled just invented by Man-At-Arms, when they find a pair of meteors that take human form. They introduce themselves as Stonedar, leader of the peaceful Rock People, and Rokkon, his bravest warrior, who have come to help fiht the forces of evil. However, they are being watched by Kobra Khan and Webstor, who try to capture them all. The Rock People defeat the Evil Warriors, but not before Kobra Khan uses his sleeping mist on He-Man. Upon awakening, He-Man gets amnesia and a recovered Webstor catches Orko while trying to convince He-Man that Orko is evil. Rokkon sees Webstor, but not that he has Orko prisoner, so he charges against him. He-Man doesn't know who to save until he remembers and saves Orko. Skeletor watches his henchmen's defeat from Snake Mountain and teleports himself where they are. After scolding his henchmen, Skeletor steals the Jet Sled. The Rock People block the Jet Sled's lasers, and then reflect the Havoc Staff's beams agains Skeletor, who falls on a sand dune and is then punched away by He-Man. Rokkon turns into his rock form and makes Kobra Khan and Webstor run away.

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