Rock to the Future is the 51st episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Slush Head and Staghorn discover a 1980s rock star in a cave on moon Nordor. They take him back to meet the rest of the Mutants, who use him as the centrepiece in a plot to lure He-Man to Concert Star, where Skeletor plans to destroy him.

Plot Summary

While patrolling moon Nordor in Shuttle Pods, Slush Head and Staghorn are startled by rock music. They investigate the origin of the sounds and find a rock musician playing in a cave on coordinates 410-509. After deciding he is harmless, they take the man to meet Flogg, where he introduces himself as Hank Rappa.

Crita, who has studied primitive cultures, is the only Mutant who knows what a rock star is. She plays one of his audio-video recordings on the Mothership's Scan-a-Phone. Skeletor is impressed at how Rappa conquered and controlled the people who listened to him. Rappa explains his microphone shorted out during a recording session and the next thing he new, he was in a cave. Skeletor deduces that Hank must have been sucked into a time-hole.

Flipshot is on patrol flying an Astrosub when he is contacted by Torzag from Concert Star, where they are about to present an Earth style rock concert after being contacted by an agent he never heard of before. He asks Flipshot to put up some posters for the concert on Primus.

Inside Master Sebrian's Home, Drissi and Caz are rocking out to Rappa's music when Adam of Grayskull comes in, carrying a package from the Museum of Ancient Civilizations approved to be lent out by Werban. It contains period clothing suitable for the rock concert. Adam doesn't see the point of traveling all the way to the Concert Star, but Drissi answers that they will be safe the whole time because He-Man is joining them.

Skeletor tells the Concert Crew that they are taking control and chase them off. He then contacts Torzag by Portable Vision Phone to say that his workers have left him and that the Mutants will gladly take their place. However, Torzag begins to ask questions when the new workers begin to install suspicious looking 'laser lights'.

Adam reluctantly transforms himself into He-Man and travels to the spaceport by Battle Bird. Caz and Drissi, in ancient rock fashions are already waiting with Hydron next to the Starship Eternia. Flipshot, also wearing 80s' garb and a blue wig, also arrives. At the Concert Star, the Primans receive tickets as if by a stroke of luck. During the concert, He-Man feels uneasy and decides to investigate. He soon spots a Terrorclaw and a bunch of Mutants disguised as rock stars.

Skeletor orders the Mutants to attack, despite what the Galactic Council may think. He-Man topples the Terrorclaw and Hydron & Flipshot join the fight. The audience thinks it's all part of the show as He-Man destroys several of the Mutant's vehicles. Flogg orders his men to retreat, but Skeletor grabs Drissi out of the audience to lure He-Man into a fight atop Rappa's giant speakers. Skeletor soon realizes he can't win in a fair fight and escapes in a puff of smoke.

Drissi is disappointed that the concert was almost used for evil, but the crowd is still engrossed in the show and begin to chant He-Man's name. Torzag appears and offers He-Man a music contract, but the hero declines.


Caz is trying to fix an electrical device and it explodes in his face. Adam of Grayskull reminds him that he should have told an adult to call a repairman.

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