Known Runestones

Runestone Kingdom Princess
Black Garnet Fright Zone Scorpia
Shadow Weaver (formerly)
Moonstone Bright Moon Glimmer
Angella (formerly)
Heart-Blossom Plumeria Perfuma
Fractal Flake Kingdom of Snows Frosta
The Pearl Salineas Mermista
Sword of Protection's Runestone N/A She-Ra (Adora)
She-Ra (Mara) (formerly)


  • The Runestones are connected to each other throughout Etheria’s core, and all of these Runestones must be in balance in order for Etheria to function properly. The Runestones are regulated by the princesses.
  • The Runestones were placed by The First Ones, who used the Runestones as a way to “settle” Etheria.
  • It is speculated that the Runestones are simply a piece of advanced technology, as Entrapta found a way to “hack” the planet using science rather than magic.
  • Entrapta is the only princess known to have no Runestone.
  • Scorpia had no connection to the Black Garnet until Destiny, Part 2
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