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Sagitar, AKA Tharkus is an action figure from the Mattel He-Man toyline and a character from the animated series The New Adventures of He-Man. He can turn from a centaur-like being to a four-armed humanoid.

Character Information

Galloping Battle Beast from the planet Palomar, Sagitar was saved from a life of slavery in the Denebrian mines by He-Man. In return for his freedom, he carries He-Man into battle on his back and uses his palomite running knuckles for galloping or serving up super knuckle sandwiches for Mutants. Although some of the Galactic Guardians don't like his beastly manners they are glad to have this four-armed giant on their side in battle.

Mission: To use all four of his mighty arms, his shield, and his sword to help He-Man free Primus from the evil clutches of Skeletor.

Animated series


Sagitar first met the Galactic Guardians in the episode Sword & Staff, when a crystal-powered Quakke was attacking a bar in Gorn City, Denebria, where they were. Sagitar was the only one able to stop Quakke.

Sagitar's archnemesis is Staghorn. They have a years-long personal rivalry. Staghorn refers to Sagitar's people as peace-loving cowards.

Besquita and Sagitar.

In the animated series, the name of his home planet is Equinos. The people of his race must return sometimes to Equinos for a ritual known as the Running of the Herd, when they gallop around the planet to restore their life sources. If they don't do it, they die. Sagitar has a girlfriend named Besquita.


The New Adventures of He-Man

Behind the Scenes

  • Sagitar was designed by David Wolfram, originally to feature a more overtly equine head and hooves.[1]
  • His name is taken from Sagittarius, the centaur-themed astrological sign in the Zodiac, but pronounced with a hard 'G', as in 'sag'. He was conceived of (and marketed in Europe) under the name Tharkus, a nod to the Tharks from John Carter. [2]

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