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Saurod is a reptilian bounty hunter in the service of Skeletor. He is one of several Evil Warriors created for the 1987 film Masters of the Universe. To promote the movie, Mattel produced an action figure of Saurod in the Masters of the Universe toy line. The toy has a sparking feature that allows Saurod to fire "lasers" from his mouth, although this ability is not featured in the film.

Live-action film


In the film, Saurod (Pons Maar) is a lizard-like marksman armed with a laser gun and a set of retractable razor-sharp claws. He is sent with Blade, Karg, and Beast Man to obtain the Cosmic Key from Earth. He is mute throughout his scenes and only expresses himself through hissing. His role in the film is fairly brief, as he is killed off early into the film after failing Skeletor in a mission to Earth. Paying the price for the failure of all the small mercenary band, he is incinerated alive by a burning energy bolt from Skeletor's hand.


In the comic book adaptation of the film, Saurod is oddly depicted without a tail. He also talks in several scenes, and is described as an expert tracker, something shown in a scene where he sniffs out Julie Winston hiding in the school library and demands to know the location of the Cosmic Key. One of the largest differences between the film and the comic is that Saurod is never killed. The scene where the mercenaries return to Eternia is not present, and Saurod appears a few more times elsewhere in the comic, including the scene of the villains ransacking Julie's house and interrogating Kevin Corrigan.

A single minicomic in the toy line, "The Cosmic Key," is dedicated to introducing all of the toys based upon the movie. The Evil Cloud tasks Skeletor with finding Gwildor and the Cosmic Key, and provides Saurod and Blade to help him with this mission. Saurod demonstrates his toy's sparking feature, although he shoots "lasers" instead of sparks.

Saurod makes a bizarre appearance in issue #10 of the Marvel Comics series. For the first five pages, Blade and Saurod are ambushing the Heroic Warriors, but on page 6 Saurod is referred to as Kobra Khan and Blade is suddenly replaced with Webstor. Saurod uses his sparks to put Man-At-Arms into a state of suspended animation, similar to Khan's sleep mist.


After the release of the movie, Saurod was incorporated into the MOTU toy line by Mattel. His action figure had the special feature of shooting sparks from its mouth, though the character never displays such an ability in the film.