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Scorpia is a character in the animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power. She is a member of the Horde. She is part-human part-scorpion and fights to destroy the Great Rebellion.

Character information

Scorpia is a member of the Horde, who lives in the Crimson Waste. At Crimson Waste she owns slaves, which suggest that she is a powerful figure on Etheria. At Crimson Waste, Scorpia's home is shaped like a huge scorpion. Within the home can be seen a throne, suggesting Scorpia has some kind of rule over a region of Etheria. Scorpia and Catra possess a fierce rivalry between them, only working together as a last resort. She possesses claw-like pincers instead of hands and a powerful tail which she can employ to capture members of the Rebellion. Her tail is at times a disadvantage to her as She-Ra uses it several times to hurl her out of the way. She is not the most intelligent member of the Horde and is easily fooled, which is evidenced on several occasions, most notably when she allows Bow to enter the secret factory of the Horde believing him to be a handsome inspector.

Scorpia is also the owner of the Crawler, a scorpion-shaped tank. One of the powers which the tank possesses is the ability to fire a sleep ray from its tail.[1]

It is believed that Scorpia was in the past a queen named Lynda D'ream, where her kingdom was threatened by a Dark God, she was one of the few survivors of his kingdom that stood in the Crimson Waste, which was formerly a forest area which has become a lifeless wilderness, in the destruction left by this evil God of another dimension. Lynda sought the support of the Horde to fight and defeat the menacing God in exchange for delivering her surviving settlers to be enslaved to the Horde, imprisoning God of darkness to other dimension, when Adora was part of the troop leadership, she and Hordak managed to defeat the God of evil, Lynda was brought into the world of the Horde to submit to the powerful alteration of the Horde Master's science, possessing a part of Scorpion in her body, being a security guard of the Horde in the destroyed region of the Crimson, where she used the Ruins of your castle to build your base Horde Scorpio. Scorpia isolated from Catra for not agreeing to her command, becoming sentry of the region of Crimson and the command of troops in Fright Zone.

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