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Scorpia is a fictional character in the animated television series She-Ra: Princess of Power. She is a member of The Horde. She appears to be part-human, part-scorpion. Instead of hands she possesses scorpion-like claws, which she uses to great effect when fighting with members of The Great Rebellion.

Character information

Scorpia is a member of the Horde, who lives in the Crimson Waste. At Crimson Waste she owns slaves, which suggest that she is a powerful figure on Etheria. At Crimson Waste, Scorpia's home is shaped like a huge scorpion. Within the home can be seen a throne, suggesting Scorpia has some kind of rule over a region of Etheria. Scorpia and Catra possess a fierce rivalry between them, only working together as a last resort. She possesses claw-like pincers instead of hands and a powerful tail which she can employ to capture members of the Rebellion. Her tail is at times a disadvantage to her as She-Ra uses it several times to hurl her out of the way. She is not the most intelligent member of the Horde and is easily fooled, which is evidenced on several occasions, most notably when she allows Bow to enter the secret factory of the Horde believing him to be a handsome inspector.

Scorpia is also the owner of the Crawler, a scorpion-shaped tank. One of the powers which the tank possesses is the ability to fire a sleep ray from its tail.[1]

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