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Force Captain Scorpia is one of the main characters in the Netflix Original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She is a member of the The Horde. Scorpia is gregarious and enthusiastic and grew up within the Horde. Super strong, Scorpia is often unaware of just how strong she is which often causes her to be clumsy. Scorpia is revealed to be a Princess but her family surrendered and joined the Horde, marking them as outcasts and shunned from the Princess Alliance. She is eager to please and falls easily into the role of a minion. Despite her loyalty to the Horde, deep down Scorpia has a good heart.


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It is made extremely obvious in season 2 that Scorpia has a crush on Catra, though it has never outright been said. On one occasion, she asked Catra if they wanted to hang out, what seemed to be a failed attempt at asking the girl on a date. On another, she stated that they were soulmates to the other cadets. She has discussed this with Seahawk, but Catra still doesn't seem to realize.


Like the rest generally use Kyle to throw the blame or do hard work.


Because of Scorpia's Crush on Catra she is shown to be jealous of Adora's former relationship with Catra and the fact that Adora still knows things about Catra that Scorpia doesn't.


Scorpia has pincers and a prehensile tail not dissimilar to a scorpion's. Her tail's tip can inject venom that will stun any enemies it comes in contact with.


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  • Unlike the original version of the character her tail is explicitly used for the first time.
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