The Serpent's Ring was an artifact "of unspeakable power" created by the Snakemen during the time of the Elders.


After locating the Ring, King Hiss began a search for the long lost Ophidian Spire, which would provide him with a place of power through which he could channel the power of the Serpent's Ring to spread across all of Eternia. He-man proved incapable of stopping the ritual, however, he managed to dislodge the Spire from its roots to the earth and send it flying into the sun where both it and the Serpent Ring were destroyed.


The Ring resembled a coiled scaled ring roughly the size of a Human head. It was a magical artifact that could be controlled through the power of its user and was able to fire greenish bolts of snake shaped energy at a target. Once hit by the magical blast, the person would transform into a Snakeman, making it a dangerous tool, as it was capable of transforming the entire denziens of a planet into Snakemen followers.


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