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This article is about the original character. You may be looking for Shadow Weaver from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series.

Shadow Weaver is a fictional character in the animated television series She-Ra: Princess of Power. She is a powerful sorceress and member of The Horde. She is shown as being second-in-command to Hordak, the tyrannical leader of the planet Etheria. When the infant Princess Adora was kidnapped, it was Shadow Weaver who cast a spell on her so that she would believe the deceptions of The Horde and blindly follow their evil ways.

Character history[]

Filmation series[]

Shadow Weaver was a practising apprentice-sorceress, originally from the Kingdom of Mystacor. Her real name was never revealed. She, along with a rival sorceress named Castaspella, were being trained by the great Etherian sorcerer, Norwyn. When Hordak arrived on Etheria, he promised Shadow Weaver vast power in exchange for information. Shadow Weaver accepted the deal and revealed the secret location of the Etherian Council of Kings to The Horde.

Young Casta and Light Spinner

Young Casta and the pre-transformation Shadow Weaver

Only a passable sorceress herself, Shadow Weaver's powers were greatly increased through a Power Gem which was responsible for a devastating and unforeseen physical transformation. While absorbing the power of the Horde's "dark gem", Norwyn discovered and realized Weaver's great betrayal. He then destroyed the gem, severing her link with it, but not before she had taken a third of its power. She became Norwyn's mortal enemy and joined The Horde forever, becoming Hordak's second in command[1].

Although a prominent member of The Horde with quarters at their Fright Zone base, Shadow Weaver's main dwelling was at Horror Hall, which was located in the darkest region of Etheria. Shadow Weaver posessed slaves at Horror Hall, and a titanic cauldron to allow locations to be traced[2] and demons to be brought forth[3].

Shadow Weaver played a key role in Hordak's plan to bring the stolen infant Princess Adora under his control. While Hordak convinced Adora that the Horde was a noble, heroic organization which was loved by the people of Etheria, Shadow Weaver cast spells to support the lie and ensure her loyalty[4]. Adora believed that Shadow Weaver had been like a mother to her[5]. Though Hordak despised magic, and preferred technology, he relied heavily on Shadow Weaver's powers.


Shadow Weaver standing beside Hordak's throne.

When a stranger, He-Man, arrived on Etheria years later, he was able to break Shadow Weaver's mind controlling spells, and revealed Adora's destiny to her by passing her the sword of protection. Shadow Weaver briefly came into possession of the sword herself, and planned to study it, but she quickly lost control of the sword. She and Hordak attempted to recaptured Adora, who turned on the Horde and allied herself with the Great Rebellion instead, but the attempt failed[6]. Shadow Weaver would become one of She-Ra's most prominent enemies, never suspecting that she was really Adora.

Shadow Weaver often served as the more level-headed Horde leader, and Hordak passed off many of her ideas as his own. On one occasion, Shadow Weaver, tired of Hordak belittling her magic and blaming her for his own failures, formed an alliance with his old student, Skeletor. With Skeletor's aid, Shadow Weaver was able to defeat Hordak, but Skeletor quickly turned on her and imprisoned her in a cage alongside the Horde leader. Shadow Weaver put aside her differences with Hordak and the two of them worked together to escape the cage, combining their technological and magical abilities to devise a solution. They returned to the Fright Zone to oust Skeletor, and Shadow Weaver threw him through a portal back to Eternia before he could reveal her treachery[7].


Shadow Weaver in the Star Comics.

Marvel/Star Comics[]

Shadow Weaver was a member of the Evil Horde. She stood alongside Hordak, Catra and Imp and observed as a huge Horde invasion force prepared to invade Eternia, commenting that Hordak's plan was "brilliance personified".

When Hordak and He-Man lost their memories, they were unsure how they knew one another, and joined forces. After saving Hordak's life, He-Man convinced him to join him in helping others, and Hordak began to act more honorably, seeing He-Man as a friend. When the amnesiac Hordak returned to the Horde, Shadow Weaver used her shadow power to remove the ideas of courage, kindness and friendship from Hordak's mind and restored him to his old self[8].

UK London Editions Comics[]


Shadow Weaver in the UK Comics, embracing her transformation.

Shadow Weaver was once a sorceress-in-training called Light Spinner, who trained alongside Castaspella in the kingdom of Mystacor. She longed to be a great sorceress, but her teacher told her that she did not have what it took, instead suggesting she become a healer. Upset by this, and wanting a way to prove herself, Light Spinner sought an easy way to power, which caught the attention of Hordak.

Hordak came to Light Spinner as a friend, telling her that he was hated because of his preference for magic over technology. Hordak told her that technology could greatly enhance her magical powers, and used a combination of Horde science and dark magic to empower her, rechristening her as "Shadow Weaver". Shadow Weaver swore loyalty to the Horde and embraced her new, dark powers, and Hordak warned her that he would take them away should she ever disobey him.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Unlike many of the Evil Horde, Shadow Weaver was created by Filmation and did not have a figure released in the original toyline. However, Mattel's access to Filmation rights after 2011 has resulted in a figure of her in the MOTU Classics toyline.[9]


She-Ra: Princess of Power[]

Marvel/Star Comics[]

  • Issue 11: Whose Enemy am I anyway?