This article is about the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power character. You may be looking for the original character.


She-Ra's appears as a young woman with long light blonde hair, peach skin and blue eyes.


As She-Ra

She-Ra is imbued with super-strength and some limited healing powers. She also has a connection to the ancient First Ones of Etheria.


She-Ra wields the magical Sword of Protection, which has the ability to shapeshift into a shield and in the second season, miscellaneous things like cups and rope. The Sword of Protection also houses a Runestone. She-Ra wears white and gold battle armor with a red cape.


Adora is shown to be kind and brave, but also naive and stubborn. She is also in some instances shown to be insensitive, like when she left Catra without thinking of the consequences and spoke loudly about Frosta's age.

She tends to worry too much about training and defeating the Horde; in Season 1 Episode 7, Adora is shown to struggle with simply relaxing during a vacation time, and in Season 2 Episode 4, she stresses about and loses her temper over her worry about losing her friends to the Horde.




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