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Skeletor as he appears in Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


The evil Skeletor, who had been trying to learn the secret of Castle Grayskull for years, somehow took control of the extra-dimensional creature the Orlax of Primeria by combining his magical powers with his accomplice Evil-Lyn. They were trying to translate the Orlax's warning and learn reason why it came to Eternia half a millennium earlier. However, they also took advange of the creature's fatal touch by sending it into the Royal Palace of Eternos, where one of it's tentacles came into contact with King Randor, who fell into a coma.[1]

Skeletor finally discovered that Castle Grayskull was merely a shell, and that it's sole purpose was to protect the Orb of Power. The Lord of Destruction used the Shaping Staff to disguise himself as one of his henchmen, Spikor and together with Evil-Lyn, disguised as Clawful, pretended to have been captured by He-Man (in reality the robot Faker). This deception managed to fool the Sorceress long enough for the Evil Warriors to enter Grayskull, after which Skeletor ordered the rest of his forces to launch a full scale attack on the castle, in order to engage the Heroic Warriors and Royal Guards who were bound to come to Grayskull's defense.

Quickly gaining access to the very heart of Grayskull, Skeletor defeated the powerful Nature God Moss Man and maneuvered He-Man into stabbing him with his mighty sword in such a way that the sword would also penetrate the Orb of Power and open it as if it were a key. Skeletor then struck the orb with his own Havoc Staff, cracking it and releasing the magic power that created Eternia and the very universe.

The Sorceress knew that this meant the end of all existence, but was able to freeze time for a short period so that she could confer with He-Man and Teela. He-Man attempted to absorb the magical energy of the Orb with his Sword of Power, which split in two. When this happened, his loyal steed Battle Cat transformed back into Cringer and He-Man reverted back to Prince Adam. Skeletor attempted to grab the two halves of the sword for himself, and both he and Adam were obliterated in the explosion caused by the magical impact. The only thing which remained was the top of Skeletor's Havoc Staff.[2]



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