Slave City is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with Orko, Prince Adam and Zodac's action figures. The story was written by Tina Harris and the artwork was drawn by Larry Houston.


Heroic Warriors




He-Man saves an unknown woman from the Kobolds. She introduces herself as Princess Rana of Targa, and tells him about the city of Targa where the evil Lodar rules, where he has enslaved the woman's tribe. He-Man heads off to the city to free the people, but he is knocked out by a giant boulder rolling down a mountain in a storm, the result of the impact leaves him with amnesia. The monsters take him into Lodar's prison. Lodar decides that He-Man has to fight a man called Garn, the victor being set free. He-Man recovers his memory and wins, but he refuses to kill his competitor. Instead, he attacks Lodar and wins. The Kobolds flee at the sight of their master losing. Afterwards, Lodar and the Kobolds are banished underground, where Lodar will no longer be able to use magic without the sun and the moon, from which he draws his power. He-Man, triumphant, heads off to new adventure.


  • The author of the comic supposedly named the villain of the piece "Zodak", not knowing that there was already a character named "Zodac" (sometimes spelled with a "K"). By the time the discrepancy was discovered, the comic had already gone to print, so it had to be altered - changing Z to L and K to R, to rename the character "Lodar".
  • This minicomic was an adaptation of an episode of the TV series, A Tale of Two Cities, the main difference between both versions is the change of villains.
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