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Speleans are a species from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Mike Young Productions.


One of the races of Eternia, the Speleans were humanoids with dark blue skin and red eyes as well as large bat-like wings that gave them the power of flight. Their legs had three digits whilst they had four digits on their hands. A distinctive feature was their long ears and it was known that all members of this race had excellent hearing. They were native to the underground realm of Subternia which they shared with the Caligars who were once their allies. During that time, the Speleans and Caligars fought alongside King Randor. But at some unknown point, relations between the two races became split, leading them to becoming bitter enemies. The Spelean kingdom was ruled by Lord Dactys, who was vigilant in the defense of his people.


He-Man and the Masters of the universe (2002)[]

Season One

  1. Underworld

Season Two

  1. Second Skin
  2. Rattle of the Snake


  • Its possible that some 80s bat-beings like Batros and Karg were members of the Speleans though this is speculation as the characters did not feature in the 2002 series. The speculation was confirmed for Karg in his second Classics bio, yet Batros' status remains unknown.