Spikor Strikes
Spikor Strikes is the title of the Masters of the Universe minicomic that introduces the characters Spikor and Sy-Klone, as well as the evil vehicle Spydor. it was packaged with Spikor and Sy-Klone's action figures.


Heroic Warriors
Prince Adam/He-Man, King Randor, Sy-Klone, Teela, Battle Cat
Evil Warriors
Skeletor, Spikor


On his way to the village of Nordling for a diplomatic meeting, Adam realizes he left an important scroll back at the palace. King Randor realizes this as well, and sends Sy-Klone to deliver it. Meanwhile, Skeletor catches Teela with the aid of his mechanical beast, Spydor. When Adam gets to Nordling, he discovers Spikor destroying it. The villain demands to see He-Man and Adam gladly fulfills that wish. Sy-Klone also arrives at the battlefield, but a mind-projection of Skeletor interrupts the fight; he teases He-Man to save Teela and leave the village to be destroyed. Instead of stumbling into that trap, Sy-Klone accepts Skeletor's "invitation", while He-Man deals with Spikor. Spikor gets the chance to present all his special features before he is knocked out. Sy-Klone uses Skeletor's surprise at him arriving instead of He-Man to his advantage and rescues Teela, even managing to keep the scroll intact.


  • Sy-Klone is called "Tornado" on the top of page 10, which was his prototype name.
  • The village of Nordling was named after Lee Nordling, who was the editor of minicomics for the Mattel from 1984-87.