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Sssqueeze is a character in the Masters of the Universe franchise, He is a member of the Snake Men, who has the power to elongate his arms.

Character history[]



Sssqueeze uses his powers on Extandar.

Sssqueeze (initially referred to as "Tanglor") was one of King Hiss's Snake Men followers during pre-ternian times[1]. He was banished to a nameless dimension by the Council of Elders, while King Hiss was trapped within the void. Sssqueeze was later freed by King Hiss alongside Snake Face. Sssqueeze and Snake Face were assigned to kidnap Queen Marlena, though unknowingly kidnapped a disguised Sorceress instead [2].

Sssqueeze later joined Skeletor and Snake Face in kidnapping Rotar. Rotar was placed into Skeletor's arena of doom at Snake Mountain and forced to battle Skeletor's latest creation, Twistoid. During the battle, Sssqueeze was attacked by Rotar, who took his long arm and used him as a living mace to attack Twistoid and the other Snake Men.[3].

Marvel/Star Comics[]

Sssqueeze appeared in the Marvel Comics series, first in issue #8, where he is depicted as a member of the Evil Horde, and later he makes a cameo in issue #12 as a member of the recently arrested Snake Men.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)[]


Ssssqueeze breaking a rock

Sssqueeze was a loyal servant of King Hssss and one of his top Generals. He was imprisoned within the void beneath Snake Mountain for thousands of years before finally being freed by Kobra Khan and General Rattlor. Sssqueeze's arms could extend to considerable lengths and had living snake-heads at the end instead of hands. He could use them to constrict his enemies with ease, and to climb great distances[4].


Sssqueeze berates Kobra Khan.

After a failed attempt to take Castle Grayskull, the Snake Men went into hiding, and Sssqueeze and Tung Lashor were assigned to find the Tablet of the Elders while King Hssss remained in hiding[5].

Soon after locating the tablet, Sssqueeze and Tung Lashor hunted King Randor and Queen Marlena through a labyrinth on their way back from a diplomatic mission[6]. Sssqueeze later grew suspicious of Kobra Khan due to his reluctance to consume human flesh[7].

Behind the scenes[]

  • In one episode of the Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series, Kobra Khan is suddenly shown to have long, extendable arms; a concept that may have origins in the prototype for fellow Snake Man, Sssqueeze.
  • In the minicomic "Revenge of the Snake Men", Sssqueeze is named Tanglor, the prototype-stage name for the character.



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