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Stonedar is the leader of the Rock People. The character appeared late in the 1980s Masters of the Universe toyline, and as such appears in relatively few stories, with little consistency. He is often accompanied by his young friend Rokkon.

On She-Ra: Princess of Power, Stonedar arrives on Etheria leading a scout team from the planet Geolon, and like all his people is dedicated to nonviolence. However, in most other stories he dwells on Eternia and willingly aids the He-Man in battle against the forces of evil.

According to the Masters of the Universe Annual 1989 Stonedar is a living rock creature and the leader of an alien race called the Comet People. Stonedar's world was a peaceful planet, free from hunger and wars until the Evil Horde arrived.

Hordak used an orbiting satellite known as an 'energy stealer' and lay siege to the Comet World, threatening to destroy the planet and all its inhabitants.

Unknown to Hordak, Stonedar and his people transformed themselves into living meteors and destroyed the evil satellite after transgressing the vacuum of space.

After repelling Hordak's attack Stonedar swore an oath to battle against the Evil Horde anywhere in the universe.

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