Strobo is a character who appears in a single Masters of the Universe comic story, but he was seemingly planned for the toyline, as his appearance reuses Zodac's head with a white helmet and Sy-Klone's body in fleshtone and red details, plus a blue cape. Strobo's power is that, when light reaches the reflector on his chest, he spins and sends light in all directions.

Strobo's only appearance was in the story "The Dark Power of Skeletor" from the Masters of the Universe Magazine. In it, Skeletor sends Blast-Attak, Ninjor and Sssqueeze after an spherical container that is buried underground. He-Man, Battle Cat, Rio Blast and Strobo try to stop them, but the villains escape. The container has a fragment of dark star that passed by Eternia, and gives Skeletor the power to spread an evil shadow over the land and control over all territory under the shadow. This allows Skeletor to take over Castle Grayskull, but the Heroic Warriors use a secret entrance to reach the throneroom, and He-Man sends a ray of light from his Power Sword to Strobo's reflector, whose powers send the light to the meteor and destroy it.


Strobo first appeared as an articulated action figure in 2013 as part of Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics toyline.

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