Sword & Staff is the 6th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Skeletor's new pet Grr finds a giant crystal hidden in the moon of Nordor that grants great strength for a limited period. He-Man travels to Nordor alone to face his old enemy and destroy the crystal.

Plot Summary

Skeletor is depressed about his recent defeat, but the Mutants throw a party for him, and give him a pet named Grr. The Mutants expect the ferocious Grr to cause Skeletor trouble, but Skeletor tames him with just a glance.

Grr chases a Zep, and Skeletor and Quakke follow him to a cave. There, they find a barrier with strange symbols, which Skeletor opens by playing tic-tac-toe, and behind it there's a crystal. Since Skeletor wants to know the crystal's power, he pushes Quakke towards it, and Quakke becomes super-strong.

After Flogg sees the powerful Quakke, he says nobody must get close to the crystal until testing if Quakke's newfound strength is safe. He's sent against Adam, Hydron and Flipshot, who are on Denebria getting oil for the Vasionic Resonator. They are saved by a four-armed being who introduces himself as Sagitar.

Flogg decides the crystal is too dangerous and its power lasts too little, so he doesn't want to risk the mutants and the crystal must be left alone. Skeletor pretends to agree.

On Primus, Master Sebrian reveals to Adam that the crystal belonged to Primus, until its power separated a part of the planet, which became Nordor.

Skeletor secretly goes to the crystal to get its power and it augments his powers, giving him a new Skull-shaped armor.

Krex and Alcon present He-Man with a Crystal Sensor, which they created by using the piece stored in the Univercity of Knwoledge Vaults. He-Man leaves for Nordor in Starship Eternia, piloted by Hydron. After Starship Eternia gets close enough to Nordor, He-Man disembarks in an Astrosub and finds Skeletor.

Skeletor tries to tempt He-Man with the crystal's power, but He-Man refuses. They fight until Skeletor's power begins fading and he feels weakened.

He-Man shoots the crystal with the sword and when Skeletor tries to stop him, his ray is channeled by He-Man's, powering it and unintentionally helping to destroy ithe crystal. the place crumbles and Skeletor, from under the rubble, offers He-Man to let him go in peace, but when He-Man turns back Skeletor shoots him, however He-Man stops his beam with his sword and leaves. After that, Skeletor rises from the rubble with his new armor, revealing that he has permanently absorbed the crystal's power.


Hydron advises Flipshot to check his Astrosub before driving, and then tells the same to the audience about their bikes.

Galactic Guardians



Evil Mutants

Evil Warriors


  • Grr (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Zep (first Jetlag productions appearance)







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