The Call to the Games is the 60th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

The Guardians and the Mutants find themselves under attack from giant spheres at the same time. Both parties suspect the other of being the cause of it, but they are being tested out by beings more powerful than either of them.

Plot Summary

Ambassador Bimo is teaching Flipshot the Myte way of hand to hand combat when suddenly an alarm goes off. Master Sebrian contacts Adam and Hydron to tell them that Primus is under attack from a new adversary. The agressor's spaceship is half the size of moon Enos.

Adam tells Caz to stay safe with Bimo and runs off. Hydron contacts Artilla on the Colossus, which is under attack. Kayo is leading a squadron of Astrosubs in a counter measure. Adam transforms himself into He-Man between some buildings and hurries aboard the Starship Eternia. He-Man suspects they are being attacked by someone other than the Mutants.

Indeed, Moon Nordor is also under attack from a ship identical to the one over Primus. The Evil Mutants are scrambling into their Shuttle Pods to attack the giant moon shaped vessel head on. Hoove leads the attack with a couple of laser-bombs, which don't have any effect on it at all. Flogg orders Hoove and his squadron to retreat and advances in the Mutant Mothership. Similarly, Vizar tells Spinwit and Kayo to go back to the Colossus after both their Astrosubs are damaged. Vizar gets a homing missile on his tail and thinks he's done for, until Flipshot shoots it off his back at the last moment.

A mysterious voice contacts the Eternia and tells them to follow one of their ships to the base, and to send all the others home to Primus. Colossus carries 26 damaged Astrosubs and is badly damanged itself. If they do not obey, the mysterious villain will destroy it. On the Mutants side, 37 fighters are disables and the Motherships's shield and hull are severely weakened. A different voice from the giant spaceship's twin tells them to follow them too.

The Colossus reports a safe landing back on Primus. But when the Eternia and the Mothership get closer to the giant ships and realize that not only are there two of them, but spot their mortal enemies approaching, Hydron and Flogg attack each other with every piece of fire power thy have left. Too late do they realize the danger of having fired all of their weapons at such close range. There is a giant flash of light, but neither of the ships are damaged. The Battlestars are also gone and now both ships are drifting towards Denebria, even though they were no where near the planet a moment before.

He-Man calls upon the power of his sword and Eternia as he climbs outside the Starship's hull to slow it's descent. On the Mothership, Skeletor is doing a similar trick with his Havoc Staff. Their efforts manage to slow the ships down, but they still end up crashing in the Fog Zone. After the Guardiands regain their composure, they are attacked by the Mutants driving Terrorclaws and Terrortreads. Still accusing each other of creating the giant spheres, the enemies fight each other in the snow until they are suddenly interrupted by the two mysterious spheres. None of their lasers seem to work any more as the two spheres adress He-Man and Skeletor directly. They are ordered to attend the Games on the sphere's home planet, or be destroyed. Both parties try to refuse, but the spheres insist that they will destroy them and both their home planets if they do not agree.

And so, the Mutants and the Guardians agree to compete in the Games. They are told to return to their home planets and wait until they are contacted again.


When Flipshot plays with Hydron's new Zircaball it accidentally ends up in an incinerator. Hydron tells him he should never borrow something without first asking.

Galactic Guardians


Evil Mutants

Evil Warriors




  • Gleep (non speaking role) (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • UR (mentioned)




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