The Clash of Arms is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with Clawful, Evil-Lyn, Fisto, Spikor and Jitsu's action figures.


Heroic Warriors
Fisto, Stridor, He-Man
Evil Warriors
Tri-Klops, Webstor, Clawful, Jitsu, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Whiplash


Fisto is scouting the borders on Stridor. Tri-Klops, Clawful, Webstor and Jitsu attack them and take Fisto as their prisoner as Stridor escapes. Evil-Lyn and Skeletor decide the hero should fight for his life in the Circle of Doom. He manages to beat many of Skeletors henchmen but is severely weakened in the process. Then Whiplash enters the arena. Fisto is too weak to fight and does not stand a chance against the blows of the Whiplash's tail. Meanwhile, Stridor has called He-Man who arrives at the arena in the very last moment. With his energy weapon, he scares off Skeletor's men, frees Fisto and destroys the Circle of Doom completely.


  • He-Man uses an energy gun, and not the more well-known Power Sword.