The Dream Zone is the 43rd episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

The Tech Mutants' new Dream Explorer allows Skeletor to enter the Dream Dimension and attack Primus' Inner Council. He-Man uses Alcon's Particle Trans-Alconitor to go after his arch enemy while the Galactic Guardians protect the failing planetary shield.

Plot Summary

Flogg introduces Skeletor to the latest invention of the Tech Mutants: the Dream Explorer. This machine will enable them to enter the dreams of others, including the members of the Inner Council of Primus. Skeletor immediately sees the posibilties of this device and volunteers to enter the Dream Dimension, picking two Mutants to come with him against their will: BH and Quakke.

On Primus, Alcon is demonstrating the Particle Trans-Alconitor to Mara. This invention can de-materialize any object, such as a bust, and then de-materialize it anywhere in space. Gepple decides that Alcon should be the first human test subject and sends him to the Galactic Council on Enos. Alcon returns with a two headed creature and the scientists all panic. He-Man rushes in with his sword aloft and ready, but the monster vanishes. Alcon claims that instead of materializeing in Enos, he was in a strange place filled with monsters.

Skeletor and the Mutants have located the Inner Council in the Dream Dimension. As soon as they attack them, the shield begins to lose power in the real world and Master Sebrian senses that the Inner Council is in danger in the Dream Dimension, but has no idea how to help them. He-Man wants to gather the Galactic Guardians and protect Primus from the Mutant fleet waiting for the shield to drop. But when Mara asks if someone could be transported to the Dream Dimension using the Trans-Alconitor, Gepple realizes that Alcon had already been there by mistake.

He-Man proposes to enter the Dream Dimension alone, feeling the other Guardians will be needed to protect the planet. The scientists quickly modified their machine so that only He-Man's mind will enter the Dream Dimension rather than his whole body. He-Man locates Skeletor in the Dream Dimension while the Sagitar and Tuskador protect Primus from the Mutant Mothership in Astrosubs.

Skeletor appears to have the upper hand over He-Man in the Dream Dimension and makes sure to show his old enemie the moment Primus' shield goed down. Up in space, Spinwit joins the battle in the Starship Eternia as the Mutants start their attack on Primus. Master Sebrian calls upon the the Sorceress for help, but she cannot find He-Man in the Dream Dimension without Sebrian's guidance. Thanks to their combined powers, He-Man overcomes his fear and turns Skeletor's dream into a nightmare. Skeletor retreats, the shield is restored and Flogg grabs his energy whip to punish Skeletor as he emerges from the Dream Explorer.

He-Man triumphantly exits Alcon's machine, only to find that the Creature from the Dream Dimension has also reappeared.


The Scientists are taking a survey intended to warn people of the dangers of smoking. For some reason they pick on He-Man to deliver their message even though a hero such as him would never in a million Telks smoke a cigarette.

Behind the Scenes


When He-Man is about to return from the Dream Dimension, Alcon is seen sleeping next to his Particle Trans-Alconitor while the other scientist are waiting for He-Man to exit the tube. In the next shot, Alcon is standing with them as He-Man wakes up. Then, when the Creature from the Dream Dimension reappears, Alcon is sleeping next to the machine again.

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