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The Final Invasion is the 65th and final episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

He-Man and the Galactic Guardians are held back after their previous victory. In the mean time the Evil Mutants with all of their military forces attack Primus. Although the inhabitants of Primus try to defend themselves, they have no chance, the Final Battle has begun.

Plot Summary

He-Man and the Galactic Guardians bid farewell to Royka and Molden and prepair to leave the planet Rintor, only to find themselves held captive in the Zoo of Champions. All the other great warriors that the hosts of The Games had collected over the years were recently freed by Skeletor and have fled in spacecrafts taken from the Museum of Space. Now the Guardians are their first new specimens.

Flogg grows tired of Skeletor.

The Evil Mutants have been listening in from their Mothership and prepare to launch an all out attack on Primus. Thank's to Spinwit, He-Man comes up with an idea to use the Transium Ore from their disabled weapons to blow a hole in their cell (with a little help from his sword of power). They find their Starship Eternia in disarray and are afraid it will never fly again. But He-Man realize it is all an illusion created by Royka and Molden, who wouldn't want to destroy a ship if they meant to keep it in their museum.

The Mutant invasion fleet.

Before they leave, Royka and Molden appear and say they have had a change of heart. The Guardians are free to go and they warn them about the Mutant fleet about to attack Primus. The Mothership rendezvouz with a fleet of Shuttle Pods led by BH and an army of Gleanon Fighters led by Crita. They aim at all the weak points in the planetary shield around Primus.

On Levitan, Vizar and Nocturna are overseeing the launch of their fleet of Astrosubs manned by Primus Troopers. Mara is on her way with Myte Fighters, but it may already be too late as Levitan is overrun. Crita and her Gleanons are leading a ground assault on the Oasis when they are attacked from the sky by Mara and her Mytes.

The Mothership has landed down on Primus and Flogg tells Master Sebrian to surrender via Vision Phone. Then the Eternia arrives, after He-Man has received some encouraging words from the Sorceress. Skeletor disappears in a puff of smoke and the Mutants retreat into their ship.

The Sorceress warns He-Man that the final battle has begun.

Soon, Sebrian has prepared terms for a treaty between Primus and Denebria. Flogg is about to accept them and declare his surrender when a large projection of Skeletor appears in the darkening sky. When Skeletor appears in the flesh, Flogg becomes angry at him and attacks, but is stopped by Crita.

Skeletor prepares for the end.

The Mutants leave in their ship, but Skeletor uses his magic to transport himself, Crita, He-Man and Mara to the old ruins near the Oasis for one final battle. It's man against man and woman against woman. Mara saves Crita from a falling pillar. He-Man uses the magic of his sword to trap the Skeletor and Crita in a Shuttle Pod and hurls it into space. Without Skeletor's Skull Staff, the way of the magic will keep him sealed in the ship.

The Guardians celebrate their final victory with a high five, but Skeletor, spinning in the shuttle with Crita, swears he will be back.



Behind the Scenes

  • This was the final episode of the series and wraps up both "the games" story arc, and the story of the entire series. With the show being intended as a continuation of the original Filmation series, this episode can also be viewed as the culmination of that series' story as well, ending with the apparent defeat and exile of Skeletor.
  • This episode was the last story material for the New Adventures brand until characters from the series were incorporated into the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline over 20 years later.
  • Characters from the series would not be seen in animated form until the character of Mara (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) nearly 30 years later.
  • Though He-Man claims that his destiny on Primus has been fulfilled, the series does not show him returning to Eternia.
  • He-Man claims that, without his staff, Skeletor will be trapped within his shuttlepod - though previous episodes have shown Skeletor to use magic without the aid of his staff, and Skeletor himself appears confident he will eventually escape.
  • Writer Jack Olesker has gone on record that there were plans for a second season in which He-Man returned to Eternia, but they never came about.
  • The Rintorians keep specimens of other species in underground cages and make them see illusions instead of their real surroundings, just like the Talosians did in the Star Trek episode The Cage.
  • While trapped in the Zoo of Champions, He-Man tells the Guardians to remove the Transium Ore from their 'wrist lasers', but they are seen removing them from portable laser guns instead.
  • Adam of Grayskull once again does not appear.
  • This is the only episode of the series not to feature a moral segment, instead ending with Skeletor's laughter.
  • This is the only episode in the series in which Nocturna has a speaking role.

Galactic Guardians

  • Flipshot (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • He-Man (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Hydron (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Kayo (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Mara (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Nocturna (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Spinwit (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Vizar (final Jetlag Productions appearance)


  • Caz (cameo) (non speaking role) (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Drissi (cameo) (non speaking role) (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Galactic Council (mentioned)
  • Master Sebrian (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Sorceress (final Jetlag Productions appearance)

Evil Mutants

  • BH (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Crita (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Flogg (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Hoove (non speaking role) (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Optikk (non speaking role) (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Slush Head (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Quakke (final Jetlag Productions appearance)

Evil Warriors

  • Skeletor (final Jetlag Productions appearance)




  • Molden (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Nathan (final Jetlag Productions appearance)
  • Royka (final Jetlag Productions appearance)








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