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The Games is the 63rd episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

He-Man and the Guardians compete against Skeletor and Mutants in The Games on Rintor. They are quite evenly matched, but the Mutants will take any opportunity they can to cheat and that includes marooning Spinwit on an asteroid.

Plot Summary

He-Man, Hydron, Flipshot and Kayo review previous adventures before deciding that they are ready for the Games. They set off, hoping to rendezvous with Spinwit, but he is delayed by a Mutant trick and crash lands on Asteroid RY874 where he has to face three large Asteroid Mutts.

When the Galactic Guardians exit the Starship Eternia on Rintor, they are surprised to find Drissi and Caz waiting for them. He-Man suspects a trap and indeed, it is Flogg and Optikk disguised as the two young shepherds with holographic technology. This is revealed to have been the Mutant's reward for arriving first.

The Guardians are directed to the location of the first contest, and find themselves in a zero-gravity situation. Both teams need to escape from the building. The Guardians must use the roof exit, and the mutants the one in the floor. The oponents must try to get to their exit while preventing the other team from reaching theirs. However, Flogg is more interested in attacking the Guardians.

The Mutants win the first game. In the second challenge, both teams have to reach the other side of a large chasm with ladders positioned accros it. The Guardians win this challenge. The final contest will decide the winner. A golden ring is hidden somewhere in the arena. The first to find it, wins. Both teams head for the ones in charge, Royka and Molden. The Mutants ambush the Guardians, but they are saved when Spinwit finally arrives in his Astrosub.

Once the Galactic Guardians are declared the victors, it emerges that the aliens hosting the Games are actually just some humans in disguise.


Caz is confused. Someone offered him pills that would make him feel good. He-Man tells him to say no to drugs.

Behind the Scenes


  • When the Mutants are first seen on the bridge of the Mothership, the entire background cel of the vehicle is missing and only parts of the characters can be seen floating over a purple background.
  • During the first challenge, Skeletor appears outside the top hatch and He-Man grabs him and pulls him down. While he is floating down, Skeletor is seen standing inside the hatch again.

Galactic Guardians


  • Caz (moral only)
  • Drissi (mentioned)
  • Meliac (appears in flashback) (final Jetlag Productions appearance)

Evil Mutants

Evil Warriors






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