The Nemesis Within is the 41st episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Plot Summary

Several inventors are being brought to Primus to show their inventions. Skeletor uses Grr to steal one of such inventions, a cloning device, before its arrival to the planet. When He-Man goes to recover the device, the mutants manage to take a DNA sample from him.

Skeletor uses the device and the sample to create a clone of He-Man, whom he names "He-Slave". Skeletor and He-Slave use a long cloak to disguise as one tall man and get on board a passenger ship to Primus, piloted by Tuskador.

At Primus, Skeletor and He-Slave reveal themselves. He-Man faces He-Slave, but He-Slave knows all and every of He-Man techniques and movements, and defeats him. He-Man, after some encouragement of the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, gets on his feet and gets the upper hand. Skeletor sees He-Man is winning and shoots both combatants. This angers He-Slave, who turns against Skeletor and both are seemingly destroyed, but Skeletor survives and escapes.


He-Man tells Caz about campfire safety.


  • He-Slave is a sort of New Adventures version of Faker.
  • When disguised in the passenger ship, Skeletor wears a cloak on his head, which resembles his classic appearance.
  • In the moral, Tuskador shoots water from his trunk, like Snout Spout, but the canonicity of these morals is arguable, so it's unknown if he has that power.
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