The Obelisk is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic from series 4. The story was written by Karen Sargentich and the artwork was drawn by Alfredo Alcala.


Heroic Warriors
He-Man, Teela, Buzz-Off, Mekaneck, The Sorceress, unnamed new Heroic Warrior
Evil Warriors
Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Tri-Klops, two unnamed new Evil Warriors


As every year, a huge mysterious obelisk rises from the ground. He-Man wants to prevent Skeletor from using its power, so he and his friends guard the north side of it. Skeletor approaches from the south, but he is still prevented. The Sorceress tells He-Man about the magic of the Obelisk. Every time someone says, "Power to good", it releases something to help the good guys. If "Power to evil" is exclaimed, then evil would be aided. He-Man tries it out, but Skeletor has also heard everything and calls the Obelisk for help. They both continue to yell their words, and each time a new being appears fighting for each side. Suddenly, the Obelisk crumbles and falls apart. All of the summoned creatures disappear and the Evil Warriors run away. A voice from the ground exclaims, "The Obelisk will come again."