The Power of the Good and the Way of the Magic is the 57th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Skeletor, Flogg and the Evil Mutants hatch a plot to conquer various other planets in the Tri-Solar Galaxy, thus cutting off supplies to Primus. They start with the planet Danzig, but He-Man, Flipshot and Ambassador Bimo come to Danzig's defence.

Plot Summary

Skeletor explains his plan to Flogg of cutting off all the supplies that Primus gets from the eight other planets surrounding it. Soon the mutants launch an all out attack on the planet Danzig, only to find their main city well protected by laser guns and a protective dome.

Meanwhile, the Primans are experiencing a time of peace. Most of the Galactic Guardians escort the scientists to Alpha Base Three, leaving Flipshot alone with the recruits in Levitan. Master Sebrian and Adam of Grayskull receive a request for help from Danzig, and soon He-Man is on his way. He picks up Flipshot and Ambassador Bimo, who insista on going with them in the Starship Eternia.

Bimo contacts Kosh of Danzig on a secret frequency. Recognizing the name of the legendary He-Man, Kosh allows the Starship to enter the domed city, while the Mutants are still outside demanding to be led in or they will open fire from the Mothership. Skeletor and Flogg prepair to fire everything they've got at the Starship, but Slush Head mounts his own attack from the Mutant Mothership, giving the Guardians the chance to use Mothership as a shield.

He-Man climbs out on top of the Starship to clear the way of Suttle Pods using a laserblast from his power sword. The enter the dome to the City of Mish and are welcomed by Kosh and his aides. A large automatic crane picks up the Eternia to take it to a loading dock. After studying plans of the city, Skeletor decides to enter it through the airtubes at the bottom of the dome. Optikk blasts an opening in the airtubes, and Flogg orders Staghorn to lead the Mutants into the tubes riding their Terrortreads while Hoove leads an attack from above as a distraction.

Soon, Skeletor and Flogg enter the main control room where Skeletor faces off against He-Man. Flipshot uses the crane to grab several of the Terrortreads and dispose them in a capture net. Soon Skeletor and Flogg end up in the same net, and are ejected out of the dome by He-Man and Kosh. Slush Head, thinking the objectile heading his way is a weapon, prepares to knock it out of the galaxy.


Flipshot is having a blast flying around on a hoverboard. He and He-man remind the audience they can have fun without doing drugs.

Galactic Guardians


Evil Mutants

Evil Warriors



  • Kosh (first and only Jetlag Productions appearance)





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