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The Search for Keldor

The Search for Keldor is a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with Blast-Attak, Faker, King Randor, Scare Glow, Ninjor, Clamp Champ, and the Sorceress' action figures. The story was written by Steven Grant and the artwork was drawn by Bruce Timm.


Once a year, the veil between the different dimensions goes weak for one hour. This may make it possible for King Randor to find about the fate of his long-lost brother Keldor, who vanished many years ago during his quest to master magic. The Sorceress, who, since the Three Towers appeared in Eternia, now can leave Grayskull in her human form, tries to open a dimensional gate, which will show what happened to Keldor, while Adam and Clamp Champ patrol the area. Skeletor vows to stop Randor, as the secret of what happened to Keldor could destroy him. To that end, he summons Scare Glow and Ninjor. Scare Glow catches Adam off guard, but Clamp Champ saves him by catapulting Ninjor onto Scare Glow. Adam changes to He-Man and the two Heroic Warriors defeat their enemies. Randor is just about to see something, when Skeletor appears. He also brings Faker with him, because he is the only Evil Warrior available at that moment. The Sorceress magically strengthens Randor, who fights Skeletor, but she cannot defend herself against Faker anymore. Randor destroys Faker with his staff, but he is now defenseless. In the very last moment, He-Man arrives and beats Skeletor. Even though the powers of good have won this fight, the hour has passed and they have to wait another year to discover Keldor's secret.


Heroic Warriors[]

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  • If the toyline had not ended, later minicomics would have revealed that Skeletor and Keldor were the same person.
  • In this comic, the Heroic Warriors discover that The Three Towers' mere presence in Eternia is powerful enough to allow The Sorceress to leave Castle Grayskull in her human form, without having to take the form of Zoar the falcon.
  • Issue 7 of the Marvel Comics series promotes mostly the same characters, resulting in a near-retelling of the story: Skeletor summons Ninjor and Scare Glow (in addition to Blast-Attak) and recovers Faker; King Randor and Clamp Champ are also prominently featured. However, the main plot is not about the search for Keldor.