The Sheriff of Gorn City is the 39th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Denebria's Gorn City desperately need a new sheriff. Sly Skeletor nominates Flipshot for the job. With Spinwit as his deputy, Flipshot aims to clean up the town. But they are just the bait in a trap for He-Man.

Plot Summary

Flogg notes that there is no more law and order in Gorn City, because the current sheriff, is too laxed with her methods. Skeletor comes with an idea and appoints Flipshot as the new Sheriff of Gorn City. But law and order is not what Skeletor has in mind. Skeletor wants to support He-Man's friend in his new position, until he has his confidence, so he can spring a deadly trap on He-Man.

Soon after his appointment, Flipshot and Spinwit immediately travel to Gorn City to enforce law and order. No sooner that the two arrive, they are surrounded by Mutants and a former mayor named Korac. What the two do not know, is that Skeletor has commissioned the Mutants to make the two Galactic Guardians experience fear. Only when the current mayor, Zeeka arrives, do the Evil Mutants go away. Later, Flipshot and Spinwit were quite successful in putting villains behind bars, like Felcron and Bi-Lock the Kid, brother of Tri-Lock, who is the infamous leader of rogue criminals called The Ugly Bunch. Flipshot boasted that he has made Gorn City a safer place. Unknown to them, Korac was secretly helping them and compensating for their clumsiness. Korac has been acting on the behalf of Skeletor, having Flipshot and Spinwit capture all those rogues and criminals, to ensure that Flipshot and Spinwit remain in office, long enough for He-Man to come out and support them.

Skeletor ensures that Tri-Lock would learn about the capture of his brother, Bi-lock. Flipshot and his deputy sheriff Spinwit, didn't have long to wait, as Tri-Lock and the Ugly Bunch come to Gorn City, to insist that Bi-Lock be released or there will be trouble. Finding that they were surrounded by members of the Ugly Bunch, Flipshot sends a distress call to Primus. As Skeletor predicted, He-Man rushes to Denebria to help his friends. He-Man had informed Meliac that he needed help before his arrival in Gorn City. Together with Meliac, they were able to help Flipshot and Spinwit defeat the Ugly Bunch. Flipshot felt that his time as sheriff of Gorn City has been completed and decides to step down as sheriff. Meliac is ready to take on the job.


Gepple has invented a Remote Controlled Hamburger Flipper. Adam of Grayskull explains what to do in case ones clothes catch fire: stop, drop and roll.

Behind the Scenes

  • Tri-Lock's line "Papers? We don't need no stinking Papers!" is a reference to the line "Badges? We don't need no stinking Badges!" from the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

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