The Stench of Evil is the title of the issue of the Masters of the Universe minicomics that introduces the characters Stinkor and Moss Man. It was packaged with Stinkor and Moss Man's action figures.


The Sorceress and Moss Man are enjoying the beauty of nature, but Skeletor is watching them. He wants to destroy their happiness. For his newest plan, he visits Stinkor and orders him to spoil the air in the forests with his smell. It works so well that all animals flee. Not satisfied with that, Stinkor also poisons a nearby village. Even Stratos, He-Man, Teela and a few other heroes cannot do anything against it because they are paralyzed by the smell. Moss Man traps Skeletor in a pit, and then fights Stinkor, protecting himself with a shield of pure oxygen, and kicks Stinkor into a bed of wildflowers. To Stinkor, flowers are the worst thing he has smelled, and he runs away.


Heroic Warriors

Evil Warriors


  • In the minicomic, Stinkor loves his own smell and senses the flowers' odor like poison. In the 2002 animated series, he cannot deal with his own smell and must wear an oxygen mask.