The Taking of Levitan is the 55th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Plot Summary

President Pell has a meeting with Master Sebrian, Gleep and He-Man, via video transmitter. Pell plans to send Ambassador Bimo to Primus to showcase the interstellar protection robot Kog. General Nifel and Crita overhear the plan and contact Skeletor and Flogg, to concoct a plan to rewire Kog to turn against the Primans and destroy the City Of Levitan, while the Mutants attack Primus from space.

With an army of Gleanon Warriors, Crita and Sergeant Krone launch an attack on the Mytes' base of operations, as a destraction, while Private Dobson, Gleanon Computer Programmer, slips inside and rewires Kog to do Flogg and Skeletor's bidding. Fallowing a sky battle, led by Mara, Ambassador Bimo readies the Myte Transport and sets his course for Primus.

When Ambassador Bimo arrives, he and Kog are greeted by He-Man, Master Sebrian, Caz, Gleep, Flipshot, Hydron, Sagitar, Artilla, Galactic Guardian Warriors and Primus Band Members. He-Man and Kog work together to save Spinwit, who loses control of a Battle Bird.

In space upon the Mutant Mothership, Flogg and Skeletor assemble their team: Staghorn, Hoove, Slush Head, Butthead, Quakke and Optikk. The team joins together and readies themselves for an attack on Primus. Optikk activates Kog, who goes berserk and follows his program to destroy Levitan. While the Galactic Guardians board the Astrosubs and prepare for the Mutant attack, He-Man battles Kog, who throws the Battle Bird at Caz, who was nearby. He-Man saves Caz by catching the Battle Bird and throwing it back at Kog. Ambassador Bimo arrives and tries to talk some sense into his friend, causing him to short circuit, revealing that Kog's programming was rewired. After Ambassador Bimo fixes Kog, he joins with He-Man in separate space shuttles, to stop the Mutants attack. Overwhelmed by the force that was preparing to attack the Mothership, Flogg calls for a retreat, resulting in the escape from the Galactic Guardians.

Following the retreat, Kog tells He-Man that he must go, that other galaxies are in need of a hero to save them. As Kog and Ambassador Bimo leave, He-Man bids them with “Good Journey”.


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