The Treachery of Modulok is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with Thunder Punch He-Man and Modulok's action figures.


Heroic Warriors
Prince Adam/Thunder Punch He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Mekaneck (cameo), Buzz-Off (cameo), Stratos (cameo), Sy-Klone (cameo), Man-E-Faces (cameo), Roboto (cameo), Fisto (cameo), The Sorceress
Evil Warriors
The Evil Horde
Hordak, Mantenna, Grizzlor, Modulok, Leech (cameo),


Skeletor's former slave, Modulok, joins the Evil Horde and tells Hordak of a plan to finally achieve power over Eternia. Modulok disassembles himself, packs himself in several boxes and sends them with a messenger to the Heroic Warriors. The heroes bring the boxes inside, look at the contents, but cannot make any sense of them. Man-At-Arms gathers all the parts and the Heroic Warriors decide to take them to Castle Grayskull. Adam and Teela put the boxes with the parts inside the Castle and set off to search the Sorceress. Modulok reassembles himself and steals an invincible shield weapon from the Room of Forbidden Weapons, giving it to Hordak. Hordak then uses it to attack Grayskull, but Skeletor appears too, to do the same thing. When the Sorceress alerts Adam about the boxed parts being Modulok, Adam becomes He-Man, who is given a new power by the Castle: the Thunder Punch. Outside, Modulok joins Hordak again who repulses Skeletor's magical attack with a force field around him. He-Man and Skeletor join forces against Hordak, but even the combined power of Skeletor's magic and He-Man's Power Sword is not enough. While Skeletor distracts Modulok, He-Man discovers that his new power can destroy Hordak's force field. One Thunder Punch later, the force field is gone and the members of the Horde run away. Skeletor wants to take the opportunity to conquer Castle Graskull, but He-Man stops him with another Thunder Punch.

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