The Warrior Machine is the title of the Masters of the Universe minicomic that introduces the characters Extendar and Dragstor. It was packaged with Dragstor and Extendar's action figures. The artwork was drawn by Chris Carlson.


Heroic Warriors
Prince Adam/He-Man, Extendar
The Evil Horde
Hordak, Leech, Grizzlor, Dragstor


Hordak uses his new invention to create Dragstor, half-man, half-machine. He plans to create more warriors this way in order to increase the Horde's numbers. Prince Adam and Extendar are watching a sports competition. Hordak and his new creation turn up. Extendar is impressed by Dragstor's abilities. Hordak promises him similar power if he comes with him. Tempted to be respected amongst the heroes, Extendar agrees. He-Man rushes to the Fright Zone, but is too late; Hordak has already finished his experiment with Extendar, giving him extendable arms and legs. Extendar now can transform into an extendable version of himself with the words, "I am Extendar, Tower of Power!". He has also been robbed of his free will, so Hordak uses him to attack He-Man. He-Man battles with Extendar until he makes him realize that he should fight the Horde, and not him. A deep look from He-Man in his eyes breaks Hordak's 'spell'. After crashing Dragstor, he destroys the invention, so that Hordak can never make any more "warriors". Extendar then decides to use his power for good.


  • Though Dragstor is shown to have lost his free will, he later behaves rebellious and questions Hordak in Enter: Buzz-Saw Hordak!.